The start of the school year is a very exciting time, and shopping is a big part of the experience. Buying a few new pieces for your school wardrobe is very fun, and the following guide will provide you with all the back-to-school fashion essentials:

Knit Sweaters

September can be hot or cold, and the perfect knit sweater is a must because it’s a transitional piece you can have on rotation. The weather may be all over the place, but your sweater will come in handy on windy or chilly days, so this item is definitely a must. It’s something you will wear all year round, so invest in a quality sweater that is both cozy and stylish.

Black Skinny Jeans

These are a versatile pair of pants that you will wear over and over again, and it’s perfect for school because it’s cool and comfortable, so you’ll be ready for class. You can dress up black jeans with a nice top and great pair of shoes, or you can keep your look casual. This is a great alternative to leggings, so it’s nice to have a pair in your closet.

Ankle Booties

These will be your best friends, and you can pair them with jeans, skirts or dresses. Choose a pair that is both comfortable and fashionable, so you can walk to class in style. You’ll need a pair that will allow you to walk all over campus and you can even wear them to events or meetings after class, which is why they need to be comfortable.

Classic jeans

No closet is complete without a classic pair of jeans, so you need to purchase one that is both comfortable and flattering. Jeans are extremely versatile and stylish, so you can wear them year-round with different tops, shoes and accessories. Ideally, your jeans should have a little bit of stretch to them so that you remain comfortable throughout the day and move with ease.


This item is definitely essential and what’s great is that there are so many options to choose from. Additionally, backpacks are one of the most popular styles of bags at the moment, so you’ll be stylish at school and will have a place to store your books or laptop, which you’ll be able to carry.


If you go to a big school or attend a large campus, you need a pair of go-to sneakers. Comfortable footwear is a must as this is the only way you’ll get through your day. Sneakers are also very fashionable at the moment, so you’ll be able to wear them to class and on weekends when you’re running around.

MAG Unique will help you find all of your back-to-school essentials. Our items are stylish, versatile and comfortable, so your clothes will be both fashionable and appropriate for school. If you’re ready to go shopping, contact us today!