The Different Types of Tops You Can Wear with Denim Outfits

The Different Types of Tops You Can Wear with Denim Outfits

Find out the best types of tops you should wear this summer with the denim pieces in your closet. 

One trend that is sure to stick around during the summertime is denim. Denim is an excellent material for clothing that suits everyone's fashion tastes. There are many ways to wear denim and mix and match with other styles that make your looks unique. If you are searching the internet for some of the best inspiration and spruce up the denim pieces that you already have in your closet, this is our top guide to styling your denim pieces this summer season. 

You can pair your denim with pretty much anything. Be sure you find your comfy pair of jeans, jean shorts, or denim skirts. You can wear them repeatedly and create many looks with each of these staple pieces. Denim will go great as a bottom with any statement top that you can either leave untucked or tuck in using a fashionable belt. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this combination. Or, you can instead look for denim bottoms with unique prints or different colours and designs to make your bottoms the focal point of your outfit. 

Or, if you prefer to rock denim on top, you can do this too. Finding a cool top made from denim can turn up the heat on a basic look and instead look like you just hopped right off the runway at New York Fashion Week. This season, many brands have featured vintage denim in their designs, focusing on sustainability by using recycled denim to make these statement pieces. You can look for tops that feature a patchwork design or reworking elements—for example, belt loops made from an old pair of jeans. 

You can use denim to keep your shoulders covered if you tend to feel cold, even during the summer months, thanks to denim jackets. Denim jackets now come in different styles to fit any outfit. You can get them cropped and tight-fitting or loose and boyfriend-sized. They even come in various prints and designs. You can use a classic denim jacket to finish off a look and bring everything together while also adding more structure to a loose outfit and a splash of masculinity. Or, you can even indulge in wearing a Canadian tuxedo and wear denim on denim. 

Denim isn't just a material for jeans or jackets. You can now find a lot of untraditional denim pieces this summer so you can make a unique fashion statement. You can find a denim bikini or even some denim face masks. There are many ways you can get your denim on this season to add some flair to your wardrobe.

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Best Spring/Summer Going-Out Outfits Ideas For Women

Best Spring/Summer Going-Out Outfits Ideas For Women

Get ready for some warmer weather and prepare to finally put your puffers away until the next winter arrives. Today we will be discussing a few spring outfit ideas to get you excited about spring fashion and dressing yourself for the fun months ahead. These fresh spring and summer outfit ideas are sure to get you out of that witer slump. 

We now have the coldest days in our rearview mirror. With that being said you might have already started planning out a few additions to your wardrobe that feature shorter hemlines. 

Classic Spring Dress

There are many ways to dress up or dress down a classic spring dress. With this outfit, you can choose to use elements of both spring and summer to influence your choices. Pair a floral print spring maxi dress with a patent leather jacket to make a nice contrast between the two. Complete your look with some statement sunnies and some loafers and you have an outfit fit to go out in. When the summer weather comes you can pair your outfit with a pair of open-toed shoes to stay weather appropriate. 

Relaxed Pantsuit

If you want to look put together without putting much thought into it you should think about incorporating some uniform dressing into your wardrobe. Uniform dressing is when you wear minimal separate pieces that are tailored to fit you. In some cases, you can even go with an oversized fit, however make sure that both pieces are the same style. The bagginess of an oversized fit portrays effortlessness. Be sure to pair an oversized blazer and pants with something fitted such as a fitted turtleneck so you don’t end up looking sloppy. 


The denim in our closet works hard for us. We should also work hard to give it a new take on styling. Tweed is in for spring, so consider pairing your favourite tweed jacket as a top while wearing your favourite pair of denim jeans. Complete the look with some classic white sneakers and maybe thrown on a pair of contrasting socks for even more interesting pops of colour. This outfit will even work with some rain boots or clogs, so it can be versatile for the forecast of the day.


The miniskirt is set to be the big trend this spring, so make sure that you put your maxi dresses away until the summer hits. Even though the weather might still be a bit chilly, especially in the morning, you can still pair your miniskirt with a puffy jacket or knit, or even use both. To balance the small hemline, you can pair your miniskirt with a plain white t-shirt that is comfortable to wear both during the day and at night. Of course you can also go with a matching set for your miniskirt, either match it with a blazer, crop top or a bra top or bralette. 

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Women's Joggers

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Women's Joggers

Athletic wear has become an incredibly popular style of clothing for women these days, especially now that we have shifted to a culture of staying at home more often than not. This athletic wear includes sweatpants and joggers for women. Many individuals choose to slip on a pair of joggers to lounge around the house in, or to actually use them for sweating like going for a run, working out or doing some aerobics. Some people also opt to go for high end joggers that give off that classy vibe.

But before you go shopping for sweatpants and joggers, it’s better to know a bit about them.

Is There A Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants?

They are actually different. They both differ in form and function. However, they are both comfortable and they look stylish. They are two separate garments worn for separate occasions. Joggers can be considered more fashion-forward, whereas sweatpants are the more functional choice.

What Is A Jogger?

A jogger is a pair of pants with an elasticized waist featuring cuffed ankles. It typically features pockets, is looser fitting around the hips, which gets slimmer as it goes down the legs. It is usually made from a combination of cotton or polyester fabrics. Jogging fabric uses about 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This means it is a good quality fabric with a slightly stretchy feel. Jogging fabrics typically are made from knitted fabric and are available in a variety of hues and colours.

What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are a garment that has a drawstring waist, can be flared or bootcut. Sometimes it can be made into a capri length. They are also made using a combination of cotton and polyester. Sweatpants use a thicker material compared to jogger material. Sweatpants are meant to encourage sweating, joggers are meant to keep your legs breathable while doing activities.

What To Consider When Buying Joggers And Sweatpants

Celebrities can be found wearing sweatpants, which popularised them. Since then, sweatpants and joggers have become very mainstream items to wear. It can be hard to find the ones that are perfect for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you shop for this athletic wear.


Try and purchase sweatpants that are 100% cotton. Sweatpants are meant to give you comfort while you are doing activities. They should be able to soak up sweat and allow you to breathe. 100% cotton sweatpants will mean that you are comfortable all the time when wearing them.

Think About The Climate And Activity You Plan To Wear Them For

There are some different styles of sweatpants, along with different thicknesses of the fabric itself. Before you buy the sweats, you should think about what activity you will be buying them, and what the weather will be like. If you need sweatpants for jogging in the park during the fall, then you won’t need one with a thicker fabric to it. Plus, you will know what colour palette to choose, depending on the season.

Best Tips for Improving Your Dressing Sense

Best Tips for Improving Your Dressing Sense

The ability to choose clothes that are appropriate and knowing how to dress in the best way possible means you have great dressing sense, although this will not always come easy to everyone because fashion is not always simple. The good news is that there are tips and tricks that can help improve your dressing sense, so make sure you consider the following:

Think about the Occasion and Choose Your Outfit Accordingly

It is a must that you wear outfits appropriate for the occasion, as this will allow you to be taken seriously and gain more respect. When dressing for work, for example, you have to make sure that your attire is suitable, regardless of whether you work in a fancy office building or in a school. You have to dress appropriately for your role and must always consider the setting.

Don’t be Afraid of Bold Clothes

Neutral colours are easier to wear because you can mix and match with minimal effort, but your entire wardrobe does not have to consist of such clothes, and you can have fun with colourful pieces. This will add some fun to your style, and the right clothes will help your personality pop, so do not shy away from buying bright pieces you love. Most importantly, you don't overdo it, so choose either a top or a bottom that is colourful and stop there.

Be Mindful of Your Shoes

A great dressing sense will require you to pay attention to your shoes because this will complete your outfit, and people will notice this aspect. Even the nicest outfit can look bad if worn with the wrong pair of shoes, so make sure you select your footwear carefully.

Invest in Good Quality

Successfully scouting high-quality clothing will allow you to develop a good dressing sense, and you can find great clothes at affordable prices if you know where to shop. Quality clothes will be noticed right away, and you will instantly feel better when you wear these clothes because certain materials will always look better than others. This will improve your entire look, and your items will last longer, so this kind of investment is worth it.

Focus on the Fit

The right fit will make a world of difference because you will look presentable at all times. A poor fit will cause you to look sloppy, and your outfit will state that you don't care about your appearance. Not everyone has to be interested in fashion, but the right fit is something everyone should care about, so don't buy too tight or too large clothes and find clothes that emphasize your features.

MAG Unique carries a beautiful selection of women's activewear, sweaters and workout clothes, and we will help you find clothes that make you look and feel great. If you are looking for stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe, come and visit us today!

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Benefits of Wearing an Ottoman Sweater

Benefits of Wearing an Ottoman Sweater

If you’re looking for a go-to item, the ottoman sweater is it! This piece of clothing will quickly become the most popular thing in your closet because of its versatility, and this is just one of the many benefits you will experience. We all need that one sweater that keeps us warm, and the ottoman sweater is both stylish and cozy, so you must invest in one.

Buying one article of clothing that you will wear for many years is a far better investment than buying multiple pieces of clothing that you will only wear for one season, and this is one sweater you will absolutely love. Choose a basic colour that can be worn with anything because you will get more use out of the sweater this way and will get to style it for different occasions.

Versatility is very important when it comes to clothing, and this one sweater can be worn to coffee meetings or when you’re out running errands. This one benefit alone makes investing in this sweater worth it because it can be styled differently based on your outing. If you’re meeting friends at a coffee shop or going out for a casual date, you can pair this sweater with a pair of jeans and a hat, and your look will be very fashion-forward. You will look and feel great and will get to have your coffee in style!

The ottoman sweater will also allow you to look and feel stylish while you’re out running errands, so you can achieve a look that is both comfortable and cute. Running errands may not always be fun, but your look doesn’t have to suffer, and there’s no need to wear clothes that are boring, so you can throw on your ottoman sweater and head out in style. This sweater is also ideal for everyday attire, and the truth is that there’s no better outfit than a pair of great boyfriend jeans, comfy sneakers and a cozy fall sweater. This combination is great for everyday activities, so you can look stylish no matter what you have planned. You can also throw on a blanket scarf for added warmth, and you’ll be ready for the entire season of fall.

Sweaters are often viewed as casual, but your ottoman sweater can also be worn for a night out, so you are not limited in this regard. Depending on the length of the sweater, you can try wearing it as a sweater dress, and you can pair it with a pair of flat, knee-high boots to elevate your look or even add tights underneath if that would make you feel more comfortable. Add a pair of statement earrings, and you’ll be ready for a night out!

MAG Unique carries a great selection of women’s activewear and sweaters, so if you’re looking for workout clothes that are fun, stylish and fabulous, come and visit us today!

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Best Outfit Ideas with Sweatpants

Best Outfit Ideas with Sweatpants

Sweatpants are an essential when lounging about at your home, or during your work from home hours, especially throughout this extended pandemic because of COVD-19. When we mention sweatpants, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the type related to loungewear. It’s true that many of us will wear sweatpants to lounge around, feel relaxed and more comfortable while we are working or just sitting and watching TV. These are usual times to wear sweatpants, however, you can also pull off sweatpant outfits when it comes to activities outside of lounging.

So, here are some tips on how you can continue to wear sweatpants, even as you venture outside of your home.

Flare Leg Sweatpants

When we are talking about sweatpants, many people think about a track pants style that is mostly narrowed at the leg, or has a tapered leg. But they actually come in other styles as well. Some of the most flattering types of sweatpants available are flare leg pants, especially if you are looking for a cute detail for your sweatpants. If you want your sweatpants to not look baggy, you should definitely invest in some flare leg sweatpants.

Plus, flare leg sweatpants make your legs look super long. It is tailored to be well fitted on your thighs and then flare out below the knees. And this design helps to create the illusion that you have longer legs. Flare leg sweatpants are pretty easy to style with a simple top, and they can go with almost anything.

High-Waisted Sweatpants

Speaking about looking good in sweatpants, high-waisted sweatpants are a number one choice for many reasons. Firstly, high-waisted sweatpants are pretty trendy, especially those that have a paper bag waist. So if you want to create a cool looking outfit with sweatpants, these will be the ones for you.

Secondly, high-waisted styles are the best style when it comes to petite people. Since high-waisted pants will extend above your natural waist, they will immediately make your legs look longer. Third, if you have concerns about a muffin top, then the high-waisted style will be able to cover your midriff without you needing to worry about any spillover.

Lastly, high-waisted pants are the most comfortable type of sweatpants. This is crucial if you need to be sitting down for long periods of time, like if you work from home. These will be the best option to look great and feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

Wear Them With a Crop Top

To create a cute sweatpant outfit, wearing a crop top is a must. When you wear a crop top, you will feel chic, and you have probably seen many fashion bloggers post crop tops on their social media pages. Plus, when you wear a crop top, your body will automatically look better when it comes to proportions because the crop top length of the shirt will divide your body into the right ratios.

MAG Unique has a great selection of women’s sweatpants, and our products will make you feel stylish, comfortable and cozy. We also carry workout clothes for women, activewear or women’s sweaters!

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4 Ways to Style Women Sweaters This Winter

4 Ways to Style Women Sweaters This Winter

Winters can be cold and long, but it doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to style because there are key pieces in a winter wardrobe that you can have fun with, including your sweaters. This piece of clothing is necessary for the winter, and you will not be able to get through this season without them. They are warm, comfortable and cozy, and because of all the options that are available, it will not be hard to find sweaters that are also very stylish.

Sweaters can be worn with pretty much anything, including jeans and skirts, and the following guide will provide you with some ideas so that you can have fun:

Choose Contrast Coloured Sweaters

This is a big trend at the moment, so grab a few sweaters that contain contrasting colours and have fun because you will stand out for all of the right reasons. This trend will allow you to play around with a few of your favourite colours, so you can create some unique looks and don’t have to settle for a standard sweater in just one colour. This type of sweater would also look great under a blazer or jacket, and you would be able to stay warm and stylish all winter long.

Look into Patchwork

This trend is making a comeback because it gives people their own unique sense of style. You can choose harmonious or bold tones and choose loose and casual knit sweaters or tight patchwork colours with long sleeve cuffs and collars. There’s really no rule here, and it comes down to personal preference. Soft and stretch wool fabrics are ideal, and don’t be scared to give oversized sweaters a try.

Consider One Tight Sweater

This will help you feel sexy on days that you want to get out to a dinner or event while still being cozy in a sweater. You can wear tight sweaters with skirts or pants, and your outfit will become elevated as a result. You can choose sweaters with pretty details like ruffles or different textures, for example, because this will take your outfit to the next level.

Invest in a Sweater Dress

If you want to look chic but feel cozy, the sweater dress is the answer. It can be dressed up or down, and you will instantly feel great when you put this on because you will feel a little bit fancy even though you’re warm and cozy. You can add a coat on top and some layered necklaces if you’re going out for dinner or pair your sweater dress with comfortable boots for a day at the office.

MAG Unique will help you update your wardrobe, so if you are looking for women’s sweaters, we can help. Whether you’re interested in RD style, ottoman sweaters, free people clothing or women’s activewear, we carry them all and also have a great selection of sweatpants, workout clothes, joggers and tank tops. If you’re ready to shop, contact us today!

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MAG Unique Exclusive: RD Style

MAG Unique Exclusive: RD Style

RD Style is known for its premium and sustainable fashion pieces for both women and men, and MAG Unique has a unique exclusive on some of their pieces.

If you are looking for comfort and style and want to stand out for all of the right reasons, RD style is the answer, and their pieces are incredibly beautiful and soft. The stitching work is very impressive, and you will always notice the amount of detail in each article of clothing. You will be able to choose from a variety of colours, and softness and texture are always included.

The sweaters from this brand are especially great, as are their jackets and tanks. Whether you are looking for hoodies, dresses, cardigans or pants, RD Style has something for you, and you will also be able to get your hands on the very popular shacket, which is a huge trend at the moment. There is really something for everyone, so regardless of your age or style preferences, RD Style has you covered, and you can find exclusive pieces at MAG Unique.

You will appreciate the fabrics and details of each piece because these clothes are created with care, and you will love the fit of every garment. If you feel like you can’t find clothes that really fit and are always struggling to find pieces you love, you have to give RD Style a try because their sizing is perfect and their clothes will fit in all the right places, so you will look and feel great as a result.

The experts at MAG Unique will not only be able to make professional recommendations, they will also provide you with access to exclusive items, so you will get to create a beautiful new wardrobe that you will wear for years to come. Every piece will be relative to your personal style and taste, and you are bound to find pieces you truly love. You can add a few new pieces to your closet and will never feel like you have nothing to wear because RD Style will take care of this problem. It is an accessible brand that anyone can get their hands on, and you will be able to make a statement if you like. The most important thing is that you will always be comfortable in these clothes because they are as practical as they are stylish.

Whether you are looking for women’s sweaters or activewear, MAG Unique can help! We carry RD Style, Free People clothing, Ottoman sweaters, and so much more, and our team will gladly help you select a few new pieces. We can help update your wardrobe, so if you are ready for a change and want beautiful clothes that are both comfortable and stylish, contact us today!

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How to Wear a Shacket

Shackets are very trendy at the moment, and this piece of clothing is both comfortable and cool, so it's time to consider adding one to your closet. This is the perfect layering piece that you can throw on quickly and easily and is essentially a cross between a jacket and a shirt. This one item combines warmth and style and is cozier than a shirt but lighter than a jacket, so you would be getting the best of both worlds.

If you’ve heard of shackets but are not entirely sure of how to wear one, you’ll be happy to know that you can throw one on instead of a blazer, denim jacket or trench coat, and this transitional piece will become a wardrobe staple. Shackets will provide you with an effortless vibe, and they are quite easy to style because they are versatile and transitional.

The reality is that there are days when a coat is just too heavy but a shirt is not enough, and this is when a shacket will come in handy. You can layer this piece year-round and can pair it with a dress and boots for a day in the city, or you can wear it over joggers for a more casual look if you prefer. What’s great about shackets is that they are lightweight and durable, and there is so much you can do with this one item. You can choose to wear yours buttoned up like a shirt, or you can wear it as a coat by throwing it over a cardigan or tee. It’s a very relaxed piece of clothing that is very easy to style, so you can have fun and can try out different looks to see which one you like best. Try pairing your shacket with jeans, joggers and sweatshirts and remember that this is the ultimate layering piece because it will provide you with the warmth of outerwear and the ease of a top, so don’t shy away from layering this item.

If you prefer not to layer your clothes, focus on accessories instead and elevate your shacket with a large belt, bold purse or a statement scarf. There are no real rules, so you can add your personal touch and can be as creative as you like. One of the reasons why this item is so popular is because it’s comfortable and cozy, so you can wear a shacket with leggings, loungewear and soft tees. You will still look incredibly stylish, yet you will feel extremely cozy at the same time, so you will love this item and will want to wear your shacket all the time.

MAG Unique has a great selection of women’s clothing, and our products will make you feel stylish, comfortable and cozy. Whether you are looking for workout clothes for women, activewear or women’s sweaters, we can help, so visit us today!

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Choose Women’s Workout Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

It’s important that you are comfortable when working out because this will allow you to complete the exercises safely and effectively, and the right clothes are a must for easy movement. In addition to comfort, it’s also important that you choose workout clothes that make you feel confident because this will motivate you to exercise, and you will push yourself to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The good news is that women’s workout clothes have come a long way, so you won’t have to select items that are boring and can wear fitness apparel that is both functional and stylish. There’s no rule that says you can’t feel confident and sexy while working out, so have fun when you are shopping because there are now so many styles to choose from.


You will need an array of workout tops, and a lot of these can be worn for athletic use and everyday life, so they are versatile pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe. When looking at the different options, choose pieces that work for you and invest in high-quality fabrics because these will last for a long time regardless of sweat and how often they are worn. Premium fabrics can be worn over and over again, so you can push yourself to workout harder. You must choose a style that will provide you with confidence, so look into racerback tanks, sleeveless t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, long sleeve t-shirts and women’s windbreakers because these are all great options you can consider. Depending on your workout, you can even layer different pieces together and can always remove a layer if your workout becomes more intense.

Sports Bras

Every woman will need a sports bra, so this, too, is something you have to purchase if you’re serious about exercise. This is especially true for high impact workouts, and sports bras are available in so many colours and styles, so you will find exactly what you’re after. You can choose a strappy sports bra, padded sports bra, wireless sports bra or a high impact sports bra and can base this decision on comfort and style preferences. Choose the one that provides you with the most confidence so that you can tackle your workouts easily. Focus on the fit because you should feel supported without being uncomfortable, and you should feel sexy in your sports bra as well.


When it comes to shorts, factor in the type of exercise you are going to do because this will help you choose the right pair. If you’re going to jog, for example, you will need a pair of running workout shorts, whereas if you’re doing yoga, you will need a stretchy pair that will allow you to hold your poses. You need to be able to move easily in your shorts, and you can buy a pair that is longer in the back because this will offer you more coverage during squats and lunges.

If you are looking for workout clothes for women, MAG Unique is the answer. We have a great selection of women’s activewear and sweaters, so contact us today!

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5 Wardrobe Essentials Your Closet Needs

Certain pieces of clothing will last a lifetime, so don’t focus on stuffing your closet with unnecessary items and pay attention to the essentials instead. Some trends will come and go, but certain pieces can be worn forever, and every closet must have the following:

A Fresh White Tee

This is a staple item everyone needs to have in their closet. You can dress it down or dress it up by wearing it with a pair of jeans or tucking it into a skirt. White tees are versatile and cool and can be worn day or night. This neutral item can be worn with anything because it will provide you with a clean canvas to work with, so you can use it as a layering piece or pair it with a bold print short or skirt. You can also wear a statement necklace over your white tee if you want to create more of a statement, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Little Black Dress

This is a classic item every woman should have because it serves as a go-to piece that you can wear forever. This dress will never go out of style, so you can reach for it anytime. Whether you have a cocktail party, daytime brunch or wedding, you can rely on this dress, which can be worn with flats or heels. Select a dress based on your body type as this will feel more flattering, and you will feel great as a result.


This item is a must because you can wear it any day, any time. Just like the other items, you can dress them up or down by wearing them with a simple tee or fancy blouse. Jeans can also be worn with flats, runners or heels, so you can have fun with this piece as there are no rules involved. What’s great is that jeans come in so many different styles and washes, so select the one that is best for your shape, and you’ll be able to wear it all year round.

Knit Sweater

When the weather gets cooler, you will need something to keep you warm, and a knit sweater is perfect because you can wear it with pretty much anything. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a skirt, the perfect knit sweater will complete your look while helping you stay cozy.

Jean Jacket

This is a timeless piece that can be worn year after year. It’s the perfect layering piece that can really complete your overall look, and it’s a great piece to grab whenever you’re in a hurry. It’s a versatile jacket that can be worn throughout different seasons, so invest in one for your closet.

MAG Unique can help you find every one of these pieces. We will help you complete your wardrobe and carry a unique selection of beautiful clothing, so come and visit us today!

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How to Wear a Crop Top

Crop tops are very trendy at the moment, and this style can be seen everywhere from street style influencers to runways. It’s a bold and fashion-forward trend that is both fun and stylish, and if worn correctly, it can be flattering for every body type. If you’ve never worn a crop top and are interested in trying out this wardrobe staple, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind so that you find the right style and length. It’s natural to feel nervous about wearing a crop top, but the following guide will help you find the perfect top you can wear whenever you want:

Determine a Suitable Length

Crop tops come in different lengths, and some reach just below the bra line while others go down to the belly button. Find the length you’re comfortable with, and remember that if you pair it with the right bottoms, any length can be suitable. Crop tops that land just above your natural waistline tends to be the most flattering for any body type, and highlighting the narrowest part of your torso will provide you with a sleek and slimming effect.

Choose the Right Fit

Consider the occasion as this will help with your decision. Tight crop tops will look great with a loose pair of pants or skirt but will also look great with a tighter bottom, although this would be better for a night out. Loose crop tops that are more relaxed look great with jeans or shorts, and this is ideal for daytime wear.

Prioritize Comfort

You need to feel comfortable with your outfit, so choose a crop top that makes you feel great. You need to feel both comfortable and beautiful and should not let anyone tell you otherwise. Try on different styles because you may be surprised with your preference and may find something new that is flattering for you. If you see a crop top that you really like, don’t be scared to try it on, and you can always balance your look with the right pants or skirt, so don’t forget to have fun.

When choosing a crop top, you also have to consider whether you want to keep your look casual or if you’re looking for an outfit for a night out. A relaxed crop top is always better for more of a casual look, and you can choose one that is solid or striped. You can even select a crop top that has a graphic design on it and can pair it with shorts or jeans. If you’re attending a party, a set would look great because the overall look will flow together nicely. If you’re going with a print top and bottom, make sure the prints match; otherwise, your outfit will clash.

Whether you’re looking for crop tops, skirts, pants or shorts, MAG Unique can help. We carry a beautiful selection of clothing and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, so come and visit us today!