Get ready for some warmer weather and prepare to finally put your puffers away until the next winter arrives. Today we will be discussing a few spring outfit ideas to get you excited about spring fashion and dressing yourself for the fun months ahead. These fresh spring and summer outfit ideas are sure to get you out of that witer slump. 

We now have the coldest days in our rearview mirror. With that being said you might have already started planning out a few additions to your wardrobe that feature shorter hemlines. 

Classic Spring Dress

There are many ways to dress up or dress down a classic spring dress. With this outfit, you can choose to use elements of both spring and summer to influence your choices. Pair a floral print spring maxi dress with a patent leather jacket to make a nice contrast between the two. Complete your look with some statement sunnies and some loafers and you have an outfit fit to go out in. When the summer weather comes you can pair your outfit with a pair of open-toed shoes to stay weather appropriate. 

Relaxed Pantsuit

If you want to look put together without putting much thought into it you should think about incorporating some uniform dressing into your wardrobe. Uniform dressing is when you wear minimal separate pieces that are tailored to fit you. In some cases, you can even go with an oversized fit, however make sure that both pieces are the same style. The bagginess of an oversized fit portrays effortlessness. Be sure to pair an oversized blazer and pants with something fitted such as a fitted turtleneck so you don’t end up looking sloppy. 


The denim in our closet works hard for us. We should also work hard to give it a new take on styling. Tweed is in for spring, so consider pairing your favourite tweed jacket as a top while wearing your favourite pair of denim jeans. Complete the look with some classic white sneakers and maybe thrown on a pair of contrasting socks for even more interesting pops of colour. This outfit will even work with some rain boots or clogs, so it can be versatile for the forecast of the day.


The miniskirt is set to be the big trend this spring, so make sure that you put your maxi dresses away until the summer hits. Even though the weather might still be a bit chilly, especially in the morning, you can still pair your miniskirt with a puffy jacket or knit, or even use both. To balance the small hemline, you can pair your miniskirt with a plain white t-shirt that is comfortable to wear both during the day and at night. Of course you can also go with a matching set for your miniskirt, either match it with a blazer, crop top or a bra top or bralette. 

April 01, 2022 — BreezeMaxWeb SEO