Find out the best types of tops you should wear this summer with the denim pieces in your closet. 

One trend that is sure to stick around during the summertime is denim. Denim is an excellent material for clothing that suits everyone's fashion tastes. There are many ways to wear denim and mix and match with other styles that make your looks unique. If you are searching the internet for some of the best inspiration and spruce up the denim pieces that you already have in your closet, this is our top guide to styling your denim pieces this summer season. 

You can pair your denim with pretty much anything. Be sure you find your comfy pair of jeans, jean shorts, or denim skirts. You can wear them repeatedly and create many looks with each of these staple pieces. Denim will go great as a bottom with any statement top that you can either leave untucked or tuck in using a fashionable belt. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this combination. Or, you can instead look for denim bottoms with unique prints or different colours and designs to make your bottoms the focal point of your outfit. 

Or, if you prefer to rock denim on top, you can do this too. Finding a cool top made from denim can turn up the heat on a basic look and instead look like you just hopped right off the runway at New York Fashion Week. This season, many brands have featured vintage denim in their designs, focusing on sustainability by using recycled denim to make these statement pieces. You can look for tops that feature a patchwork design or reworking elements—for example, belt loops made from an old pair of jeans. 

You can use denim to keep your shoulders covered if you tend to feel cold, even during the summer months, thanks to denim jackets. Denim jackets now come in different styles to fit any outfit. You can get them cropped and tight-fitting or loose and boyfriend-sized. They even come in various prints and designs. You can use a classic denim jacket to finish off a look and bring everything together while also adding more structure to a loose outfit and a splash of masculinity. Or, you can even indulge in wearing a Canadian tuxedo and wear denim on denim. 

Denim isn't just a material for jeans or jackets. You can now find a lot of untraditional denim pieces this summer so you can make a unique fashion statement. You can find a denim bikini or even some denim face masks. There are many ways you can get your denim on this season to add some flair to your wardrobe.

May 11, 2022 — Divya Antony