Athletic wear has become an incredibly popular style of clothing for women these days, especially now that we have shifted to a culture of staying at home more often than not. This athletic wear includes sweatpants and joggers for women. Many individuals choose to slip on a pair of joggers to lounge around the house in, or to actually use them for sweating like going for a run, working out or doing some aerobics. Some people also opt to go for high end joggers that give off that classy vibe.

But before you go shopping for sweatpants and joggers, it’s better to know a bit about them.

Is There A Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants?

They are actually different. They both differ in form and function. However, they are both comfortable and they look stylish. They are two separate garments worn for separate occasions. Joggers can be considered more fashion-forward, whereas sweatpants are the more functional choice.

What Is A Jogger?

A jogger is a pair of pants with an elasticized waist featuring cuffed ankles. It typically features pockets, is looser fitting around the hips, which gets slimmer as it goes down the legs. It is usually made from a combination of cotton or polyester fabrics. Jogging fabric uses about 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This means it is a good quality fabric with a slightly stretchy feel. Jogging fabrics typically are made from knitted fabric and are available in a variety of hues and colours.

What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are a garment that has a drawstring waist, can be flared or bootcut. Sometimes it can be made into a capri length. They are also made using a combination of cotton and polyester. Sweatpants use a thicker material compared to jogger material. Sweatpants are meant to encourage sweating, joggers are meant to keep your legs breathable while doing activities.

What To Consider When Buying Joggers And Sweatpants

Celebrities can be found wearing sweatpants, which popularised them. Since then, sweatpants and joggers have become very mainstream items to wear. It can be hard to find the ones that are perfect for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you shop for this athletic wear.


Try and purchase sweatpants that are 100% cotton. Sweatpants are meant to give you comfort while you are doing activities. They should be able to soak up sweat and allow you to breathe. 100% cotton sweatpants will mean that you are comfortable all the time when wearing them.

Think About The Climate And Activity You Plan To Wear Them For

There are some different styles of sweatpants, along with different thicknesses of the fabric itself. Before you buy the sweats, you should think about what activity you will be buying them, and what the weather will be like. If you need sweatpants for jogging in the park during the fall, then you won’t need one with a thicker fabric to it. Plus, you will know what colour palette to choose, depending on the season.