Sweatpants are an essential when lounging about at your home, or during your work from home hours, especially throughout this extended pandemic because of COVD-19. When we mention sweatpants, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the type related to loungewear. It’s true that many of us will wear sweatpants to lounge around, feel relaxed and more comfortable while we are working or just sitting and watching TV. These are usual times to wear sweatpants, however, you can also pull off sweatpant outfits when it comes to activities outside of lounging.

So, here are some tips on how you can continue to wear sweatpants, even as you venture outside of your home.

Flare Leg Sweatpants

When we are talking about sweatpants, many people think about a track pants style that is mostly narrowed at the leg, or has a tapered leg. But they actually come in other styles as well. Some of the most flattering types of sweatpants available are flare leg pants, especially if you are looking for a cute detail for your sweatpants. If you want your sweatpants to not look baggy, you should definitely invest in some flare leg sweatpants.

Plus, flare leg sweatpants make your legs look super long. It is tailored to be well fitted on your thighs and then flare out below the knees. And this design helps to create the illusion that you have longer legs. Flare leg sweatpants are pretty easy to style with a simple top, and they can go with almost anything.

High-Waisted Sweatpants

Speaking about looking good in sweatpants, high-waisted sweatpants are a number one choice for many reasons. Firstly, high-waisted sweatpants are pretty trendy, especially those that have a paper bag waist. So if you want to create a cool looking outfit with sweatpants, these will be the ones for you.

Secondly, high-waisted styles are the best style when it comes to petite people. Since high-waisted pants will extend above your natural waist, they will immediately make your legs look longer. Third, if you have concerns about a muffin top, then the high-waisted style will be able to cover your midriff without you needing to worry about any spillover.

Lastly, high-waisted pants are the most comfortable type of sweatpants. This is crucial if you need to be sitting down for long periods of time, like if you work from home. These will be the best option to look great and feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

Wear Them With a Crop Top

To create a cute sweatpant outfit, wearing a crop top is a must. When you wear a crop top, you will feel chic, and you have probably seen many fashion bloggers post crop tops on their social media pages. Plus, when you wear a crop top, your body will automatically look better when it comes to proportions because the crop top length of the shirt will divide your body into the right ratios.

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December 23, 2021 — BreezeMaxWeb SEO