Crop tops are very trendy at the moment, and this style can be seen everywhere from street style influencers to runways. It’s a bold and fashion-forward trend that is both fun and stylish, and if worn correctly, it can be flattering for every body type. If you’ve never worn a crop top and are interested in trying out this wardrobe staple, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind so that you find the right style and length. It’s natural to feel nervous about wearing a crop top, but the following guide will help you find the perfect top you can wear whenever you want:

Determine a Suitable Length

Crop tops come in different lengths, and some reach just below the bra line while others go down to the belly button. Find the length you’re comfortable with, and remember that if you pair it with the right bottoms, any length can be suitable. Crop tops that land just above your natural waistline tends to be the most flattering for any body type, and highlighting the narrowest part of your torso will provide you with a sleek and slimming effect.

Choose the Right Fit

Consider the occasion as this will help with your decision. Tight crop tops will look great with a loose pair of pants or skirt but will also look great with a tighter bottom, although this would be better for a night out. Loose crop tops that are more relaxed look great with jeans or shorts, and this is ideal for daytime wear.

Prioritize Comfort

You need to feel comfortable with your outfit, so choose a crop top that makes you feel great. You need to feel both comfortable and beautiful and should not let anyone tell you otherwise. Try on different styles because you may be surprised with your preference and may find something new that is flattering for you. If you see a crop top that you really like, don’t be scared to try it on, and you can always balance your look with the right pants or skirt, so don’t forget to have fun.

When choosing a crop top, you also have to consider whether you want to keep your look casual or if you’re looking for an outfit for a night out. A relaxed crop top is always better for more of a casual look, and you can choose one that is solid or striped. You can even select a crop top that has a graphic design on it and can pair it with shorts or jeans. If you’re attending a party, a set would look great because the overall look will flow together nicely. If you’re going with a print top and bottom, make sure the prints match; otherwise, your outfit will clash.

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