Shackets are very trendy at the moment, and this piece of clothing is both comfortable and cool, so it's time to consider adding one to your closet. This is the perfect layering piece that you can throw on quickly and easily and is essentially a cross between a jacket and a shirt. This one item combines warmth and style and is cozier than a shirt but lighter than a jacket, so you would be getting the best of both worlds.

If you’ve heard of shackets but are not entirely sure of how to wear one, you’ll be happy to know that you can throw one on instead of a blazer, denim jacket or trench coat, and this transitional piece will become a wardrobe staple. Shackets will provide you with an effortless vibe, and they are quite easy to style because they are versatile and transitional.

The reality is that there are days when a coat is just too heavy but a shirt is not enough, and this is when a shacket will come in handy. You can layer this piece year-round and can pair it with a dress and boots for a day in the city, or you can wear it over joggers for a more casual look if you prefer. What’s great about shackets is that they are lightweight and durable, and there is so much you can do with this one item. You can choose to wear yours buttoned up like a shirt, or you can wear it as a coat by throwing it over a cardigan or tee. It’s a very relaxed piece of clothing that is very easy to style, so you can have fun and can try out different looks to see which one you like best. Try pairing your shacket with jeans, joggers and sweatshirts and remember that this is the ultimate layering piece because it will provide you with the warmth of outerwear and the ease of a top, so don’t shy away from layering this item.

If you prefer not to layer your clothes, focus on accessories instead and elevate your shacket with a large belt, bold purse or a statement scarf. There are no real rules, so you can add your personal touch and can be as creative as you like. One of the reasons why this item is so popular is because it’s comfortable and cozy, so you can wear a shacket with leggings, loungewear and soft tees. You will still look incredibly stylish, yet you will feel extremely cozy at the same time, so you will love this item and will want to wear your shacket all the time.

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