On December 16, 2020  M.A.G. Unique was featured on the maturingmama.com website.

Meet Marilena Fanelli, owner of M.A.G. Unique. This fashionable and health-conscious mom of 3 was inspired to open her clothing store by her children. Sadly, her youngest son was born with eczema, so the poor guy was always uncomfortable and itchy. She found that she had to be incredibly careful in picking out his clothing, as not all clothing is as “all-natural” as it is claimed to be. Her experience got her thinking about what she could do to help others find high-quality clothing at a good price. This began her mission to find clothing for women with quality and unique style in mind.

Marilena is incredibly selective when choosing the brands she works with. She looks for a good connection with the designers, excellent quality, pricing, and if they give back to their communities in any way. Working with brands Free People, Shine the Light On, DU/ER Women, Cali Dreaming, Daub and Designs, and Malalovebymary; Marilena has been blown away by their quality and their mission to contribute to specific causes that are close to their hearts

Marilena’s goal is to support Canadians in the fashion industry by finding more Canadian brands to sell in her store, and to grow as an online business while also helping others. She has found that the most satisfying part of her job is when customers send her messages of gratitude, as well as knowing that by selling these products she is helping her brands with their contributions. By carrying brands that raise awareness and give back to communities, Marilena is doing her very best to make the world a better, more stylish place, one wardrobe at a time.

January 09, 2021 — Marilena M.A.G.Unique