Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Women's Joggers

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Women's Joggers

Athletic wear has become an incredibly popular style of clothing for women these days, especially now that we have shifted to a culture of staying at home more often than not. This athletic wear includes sweatpants and joggers for women. Many individuals choose to slip on a pair of joggers to lounge around the house in, or to actually use them for sweating like going for a run, working out or doing some aerobics. Some people also opt to go for high end joggers that give off that classy vibe.

But before you go shopping for sweatpants and joggers, it’s better to know a bit about them.

Is There A Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants?

They are actually different. They both differ in form and function. However, they are both comfortable and they look stylish. They are two separate garments worn for separate occasions. Joggers can be considered more fashion-forward, whereas sweatpants are the more functional choice.

What Is A Jogger?

A jogger is a pair of pants with an elasticized waist featuring cuffed ankles. It typically features pockets, is looser fitting around the hips, which gets slimmer as it goes down the legs. It is usually made from a combination of cotton or polyester fabrics. Jogging fabric uses about 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This means it is a good quality fabric with a slightly stretchy feel. Jogging fabrics typically are made from knitted fabric and are available in a variety of hues and colours.

What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are a garment that has a drawstring waist, can be flared or bootcut. Sometimes it can be made into a capri length. They are also made using a combination of cotton and polyester. Sweatpants use a thicker material compared to jogger material. Sweatpants are meant to encourage sweating, joggers are meant to keep your legs breathable while doing activities.

What To Consider When Buying Joggers And Sweatpants

Celebrities can be found wearing sweatpants, which popularised them. Since then, sweatpants and joggers have become very mainstream items to wear. It can be hard to find the ones that are perfect for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you shop for this athletic wear.


Try and purchase sweatpants that are 100% cotton. Sweatpants are meant to give you comfort while you are doing activities. They should be able to soak up sweat and allow you to breathe. 100% cotton sweatpants will mean that you are comfortable all the time when wearing them.

Think About The Climate And Activity You Plan To Wear Them For

There are some different styles of sweatpants, along with different thicknesses of the fabric itself. Before you buy the sweats, you should think about what activity you will be buying them, and what the weather will be like. If you need sweatpants for jogging in the park during the fall, then you won’t need one with a thicker fabric to it. Plus, you will know what colour palette to choose, depending on the season.

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How to Wear a Shacket

Shackets are very trendy at the moment, and this piece of clothing is both comfortable and cool, so it's time to consider adding one to your closet. This is the perfect layering piece that you can throw on quickly and easily and is essentially a cross between a jacket and a shirt. This one item combines warmth and style and is cozier than a shirt but lighter than a jacket, so you would be getting the best of both worlds.

If you’ve heard of shackets but are not entirely sure of how to wear one, you’ll be happy to know that you can throw one on instead of a blazer, denim jacket or trench coat, and this transitional piece will become a wardrobe staple. Shackets will provide you with an effortless vibe, and they are quite easy to style because they are versatile and transitional.

The reality is that there are days when a coat is just too heavy but a shirt is not enough, and this is when a shacket will come in handy. You can layer this piece year-round and can pair it with a dress and boots for a day in the city, or you can wear it over joggers for a more casual look if you prefer. What’s great about shackets is that they are lightweight and durable, and there is so much you can do with this one item. You can choose to wear yours buttoned up like a shirt, or you can wear it as a coat by throwing it over a cardigan or tee. It’s a very relaxed piece of clothing that is very easy to style, so you can have fun and can try out different looks to see which one you like best. Try pairing your shacket with jeans, joggers and sweatshirts and remember that this is the ultimate layering piece because it will provide you with the warmth of outerwear and the ease of a top, so don’t shy away from layering this item.

If you prefer not to layer your clothes, focus on accessories instead and elevate your shacket with a large belt, bold purse or a statement scarf. There are no real rules, so you can add your personal touch and can be as creative as you like. One of the reasons why this item is so popular is because it’s comfortable and cozy, so you can wear a shacket with leggings, loungewear and soft tees. You will still look incredibly stylish, yet you will feel extremely cozy at the same time, so you will love this item and will want to wear your shacket all the time.

MAG Unique has a great selection of women’s clothing, and our products will make you feel stylish, comfortable and cozy. Whether you are looking for workout clothes for women, activewear or women’s sweaters, we can help, so visit us today!

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Choose Women’s Workout Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

It’s important that you are comfortable when working out because this will allow you to complete the exercises safely and effectively, and the right clothes are a must for easy movement. In addition to comfort, it’s also important that you choose workout clothes that make you feel confident because this will motivate you to exercise, and you will push yourself to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The good news is that women’s workout clothes have come a long way, so you won’t have to select items that are boring and can wear fitness apparel that is both functional and stylish. There’s no rule that says you can’t feel confident and sexy while working out, so have fun when you are shopping because there are now so many styles to choose from.


You will need an array of workout tops, and a lot of these can be worn for athletic use and everyday life, so they are versatile pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe. When looking at the different options, choose pieces that work for you and invest in high-quality fabrics because these will last for a long time regardless of sweat and how often they are worn. Premium fabrics can be worn over and over again, so you can push yourself to workout harder. You must choose a style that will provide you with confidence, so look into racerback tanks, sleeveless t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, long sleeve t-shirts and women’s windbreakers because these are all great options you can consider. Depending on your workout, you can even layer different pieces together and can always remove a layer if your workout becomes more intense.

Sports Bras

Every woman will need a sports bra, so this, too, is something you have to purchase if you’re serious about exercise. This is especially true for high impact workouts, and sports bras are available in so many colours and styles, so you will find exactly what you’re after. You can choose a strappy sports bra, padded sports bra, wireless sports bra or a high impact sports bra and can base this decision on comfort and style preferences. Choose the one that provides you with the most confidence so that you can tackle your workouts easily. Focus on the fit because you should feel supported without being uncomfortable, and you should feel sexy in your sports bra as well.


When it comes to shorts, factor in the type of exercise you are going to do because this will help you choose the right pair. If you’re going to jog, for example, you will need a pair of running workout shorts, whereas if you’re doing yoga, you will need a stretchy pair that will allow you to hold your poses. You need to be able to move easily in your shorts, and you can buy a pair that is longer in the back because this will offer you more coverage during squats and lunges.

If you are looking for workout clothes for women, MAG Unique is the answer. We have a great selection of women’s activewear and sweaters, so contact us today!

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5 Wardrobe Essentials Your Closet Needs

Certain pieces of clothing will last a lifetime, so don’t focus on stuffing your closet with unnecessary items and pay attention to the essentials instead. Some trends will come and go, but certain pieces can be worn forever, and every closet must have the following:

A Fresh White Tee

This is a staple item everyone needs to have in their closet. You can dress it down or dress it up by wearing it with a pair of jeans or tucking it into a skirt. White tees are versatile and cool and can be worn day or night. This neutral item can be worn with anything because it will provide you with a clean canvas to work with, so you can use it as a layering piece or pair it with a bold print short or skirt. You can also wear a statement necklace over your white tee if you want to create more of a statement, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Little Black Dress

This is a classic item every woman should have because it serves as a go-to piece that you can wear forever. This dress will never go out of style, so you can reach for it anytime. Whether you have a cocktail party, daytime brunch or wedding, you can rely on this dress, which can be worn with flats or heels. Select a dress based on your body type as this will feel more flattering, and you will feel great as a result.


This item is a must because you can wear it any day, any time. Just like the other items, you can dress them up or down by wearing them with a simple tee or fancy blouse. Jeans can also be worn with flats, runners or heels, so you can have fun with this piece as there are no rules involved. What’s great is that jeans come in so many different styles and washes, so select the one that is best for your shape, and you’ll be able to wear it all year round.

Knit Sweater

When the weather gets cooler, you will need something to keep you warm, and a knit sweater is perfect because you can wear it with pretty much anything. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a skirt, the perfect knit sweater will complete your look while helping you stay cozy.

Jean Jacket

This is a timeless piece that can be worn year after year. It’s the perfect layering piece that can really complete your overall look, and it’s a great piece to grab whenever you’re in a hurry. It’s a versatile jacket that can be worn throughout different seasons, so invest in one for your closet.

MAG Unique can help you find every one of these pieces. We will help you complete your wardrobe and carry a unique selection of beautiful clothing, so come and visit us today!

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How to Wear a Crop Top

Crop tops are very trendy at the moment, and this style can be seen everywhere from street style influencers to runways. It’s a bold and fashion-forward trend that is both fun and stylish, and if worn correctly, it can be flattering for every body type. If you’ve never worn a crop top and are interested in trying out this wardrobe staple, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind so that you find the right style and length. It’s natural to feel nervous about wearing a crop top, but the following guide will help you find the perfect top you can wear whenever you want:

Determine a Suitable Length

Crop tops come in different lengths, and some reach just below the bra line while others go down to the belly button. Find the length you’re comfortable with, and remember that if you pair it with the right bottoms, any length can be suitable. Crop tops that land just above your natural waistline tends to be the most flattering for any body type, and highlighting the narrowest part of your torso will provide you with a sleek and slimming effect.

Choose the Right Fit

Consider the occasion as this will help with your decision. Tight crop tops will look great with a loose pair of pants or skirt but will also look great with a tighter bottom, although this would be better for a night out. Loose crop tops that are more relaxed look great with jeans or shorts, and this is ideal for daytime wear.

Prioritize Comfort

You need to feel comfortable with your outfit, so choose a crop top that makes you feel great. You need to feel both comfortable and beautiful and should not let anyone tell you otherwise. Try on different styles because you may be surprised with your preference and may find something new that is flattering for you. If you see a crop top that you really like, don’t be scared to try it on, and you can always balance your look with the right pants or skirt, so don’t forget to have fun.

When choosing a crop top, you also have to consider whether you want to keep your look casual or if you’re looking for an outfit for a night out. A relaxed crop top is always better for more of a casual look, and you can choose one that is solid or striped. You can even select a crop top that has a graphic design on it and can pair it with shorts or jeans. If you’re attending a party, a set would look great because the overall look will flow together nicely. If you’re going with a print top and bottom, make sure the prints match; otherwise, your outfit will clash.

Whether you’re looking for crop tops, skirts, pants or shorts, MAG Unique can help. We carry a beautiful selection of clothing and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, so come and visit us today!

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Sweater Weather: Our Favorite Types of Sweaters

Sweater weather will be here before you know it, and you’ll need a few sweaters to get through this season. The right sweater will provide you with warmth and comfort, so you’ll feel cozy and stylish all season long.

There are different types of sweaters to choose from, and the list of styles, textures, and silhouettes can go on and on. If you’re planning on purchasing a few new sweaters, the following guide will help you select the coziest and trendiest styles:


This is a classic sweater that everyone should have in their closet. They are very comfortable and easy to wear, so you’ll be able to style them easily. This is considered to be the most popular type of sweater, and they generally have a crew neck or v-neckline. Pullover sweaters can have cute adornments like sequins or embroidery but will not have any buttons or closures on the front.



Ottoman Sweater

This style features a high neck that is fitted, and this will generally hit an inch or two under the chin. This sweater is perfect for layering and will provide you with a chic and sophisticated look that is effortless. If you’re more adventurous with your style, you can even wear a turtleneck under a slip dress, as this will take your fashion game to a whole new level.


This, too, is a classic sweater that can be found in almost every closet. Lightweight cardigans are ideal when creating layered looks, but cardigan sweaters are perfect for the winter season. Cardigans have an open front that can be buttoned or zipped, although some cardigans have an open front style, so you’ll have choices with this type of sweater. Cardigans will provide you with warmth and will add dimension to an outfit. Additionally, it can easily be removed, so you don’t have to wear this layer all day long.


This is considered a fun statement piece, and this style of sweater can have fun adornments like tassels. This is basically a large piece of fabric with a slit in the middle for your head, and some have sleeves and pockets. This garment is perfect for those cold winter days when you just want to throw on a pair of leggings, a cozy pullover and a cute poncho, which will complete your look and keep you warm.

In addition to the style, you should also focus on the different textures that are available because materials are important. Chenille is a great option, as are eyelash knit sweaters and cable knit sweaters, which are timeless.

MAG Unique can help you find the perfect pieces of clothing. Whether you’re looking for sweaters, pants, tops or skirts, we carry them all and will help you find unique pieces that are both fun and stylish. If you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, come and shop with us today!

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Back To School Fashion Essentials

The start of the school year is a very exciting time, and shopping is a big part of the experience. Buying a few new pieces for your school wardrobe is very fun, and the following guide will provide you with all the back-to-school fashion essentials:

Knit Sweaters

September can be hot or cold, and the perfect knit sweater is a must because it’s a transitional piece you can have on rotation. The weather may be all over the place, but your sweater will come in handy on windy or chilly days, so this item is definitely a must. It’s something you will wear all year round, so invest in a quality sweater that is both cozy and stylish.

Black Skinny Jeans

These are a versatile pair of pants that you will wear over and over again, and it’s perfect for school because it’s cool and comfortable, so you’ll be ready for class. You can dress up black jeans with a nice top and great pair of shoes, or you can keep your look casual. This is a great alternative to leggings, so it’s nice to have a pair in your closet.

Ankle Booties

These will be your best friends, and you can pair them with jeans, skirts or dresses. Choose a pair that is both comfortable and fashionable, so you can walk to class in style. You’ll need a pair that will allow you to walk all over campus and you can even wear them to events or meetings after class, which is why they need to be comfortable.

Classic jeans

No closet is complete without a classic pair of jeans, so you need to purchase one that is both comfortable and flattering. Jeans are extremely versatile and stylish, so you can wear them year-round with different tops, shoes and accessories. Ideally, your jeans should have a little bit of stretch to them so that you remain comfortable throughout the day and move with ease.


This item is definitely essential and what’s great is that there are so many options to choose from. Additionally, backpacks are one of the most popular styles of bags at the moment, so you’ll be stylish at school and will have a place to store your books or laptop, which you’ll be able to carry.


If you go to a big school or attend a large campus, you need a pair of go-to sneakers. Comfortable footwear is a must as this is the only way you’ll get through your day. Sneakers are also very fashionable at the moment, so you’ll be able to wear them to class and on weekends when you’re running around.

MAG Unique will help you find all of your back-to-school essentials. Our items are stylish, versatile and comfortable, so your clothes will be both fashionable and appropriate for school. If you’re ready to go shopping, contact us today!

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How To Find Joggers That Flatter

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, styles have shifted to comfort over high fashion. Who said comfy clothes can’t be fashionable, though? The key to rocking your comfy clothes out and about is finding pieces that flatter you. When it comes to pants, joggers are the perfect pair for just about anything. Wear them to the gym, to run errands, or even dress them up for a brunch or casual dinner! Here is how to find the most flattering joggers for you.

Make Sure They Fit Well

The most flattering joggers you could wear are simply ones that fit! Well-fitted joggers will go down to your ankle and have a slim fit. You don't want your joggers to be too tight because that won’t be very comfortable, but too loose and you risk looking frumpy. When you’re online shopping, consult the sizing chart. Look to see what your size corresponds to and, if they fit big, small, or true to size. If you're shopping with a retailer like M.A.G. Unique, you can even send us a message with the icon in the corner asking about colours, sizing and any other fit-specific questions! Our associates are more than happy to make recommendations!

Choose A Good Colour

Part of finding any kind of clothing that flatters you is choosing the right colour honestly. Colours like black and grey are the perfect neutral tones that flatter pretty much everyone. Not to mention, black will allow you to look professional even while wearing the comfiest pants. Looking for more of a laid back look? Try a blue, pink, or even light pattern to make the pants more casual.

Make It An Outfit

Dress to impress with an entire outfit. Style your perfect joggers with a matching crewneck or hoodie to make the ultimate cozy fit! Most retailers, including M.A.G. Unique, offer matching sets like the acid wash crew and jogger combo. You can be certain that this set flatters everyone it’s on. Alternatively, throw on a plain t-shirt and spring jacket to make it a less casual, more done up outfit!

Now you know how to find joggers that flatter you, what are you waiting for? Check out our options online today! Looking for more style tips? Subscribe to our mail list and stay up to date with the latest fashions and deals! Plus, when you sign up, you get 10% off your next purchase!

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Post-Pandemic Fashion: How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Couch to the Club

Post-Pandemic Fashion: How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Couch to the Club

“Will I ever wear heels again?” - A question a lot of us have asked ourselves during the past year and a half. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has greatly impacted the fashion industry, and since we’ve all been stuck at home with no place to go, our leggings and loungewear collection has doubled (well, let’s be honest - more like tripled). 

Oversized t-shirts, sweaters, and baggy dresses have become the new “work” {from home} attire, and a night out on the town which used to be full of glitz and glamour now means strolling the aisles of the grocery store because it’s the only thing open past 5 p.m.

But what happens in a few weeks (fingers crossed), when things start to open back up, and all you have is a closet full of comfy casual wear? Don’t worry, we have the ultimate solution to help you transition your current wardrobe into one that’s worthy of your next dinner date (oh, how we miss those!)

LA-based fashion brand, Cali Dreaming is clothing that you can wear every day post-pandemic to look incredibly fashionable and still feel like you’re wearing your favourite at-home loungewear. Each piece in the Cali Dreaming collection that we carry is machine washable and is made from the most luxurious, silky, and flowy material, making it the perfect transition wardrobe from the couch to the club.

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite pieces from the Cali Dreaming collection that can be dressed down for staying at home or styled up for dinner and drinks. Dust off those heels and start making room in your closet for some dressier or dare we even say it, vacation pieces, ladies - because the lockdown is almost over and you probably have nothing to wear!  

Womens Joggers

Tie-Dye Cali Dreaming Jogger

Tie-Dye has made such a huge comeback, and we are here for it. These incredible silky, lightweight joggers make such a statement, but don’t waste

them sitting at home on the couch. Style these gorgeous high-fashion joggers (yes, that’s a thing now, thanks to COVID-19) with a solid colour button-down shirt or bodysuit and a pair of killer heels for evening cocktails on the patio. If bold colours and patterns aren’t really your thing, we also carry these gorgeous joggers in olive green, for a more versatile look.  

Women's Activewear

The Ace Cali Dreaming Shirt

More than just your average button-down, this 100% cotton, mandarin collared shirt is loose and forgiving but still offers a tailored look. Tuck this gorgeous shirt into jeans, denim shorts, or even your favourite pair of stylish joggers for a comfy yet, perfectly styled going out look. This would also make a great shirt to take on vacation (we know you’re just itching to book those flights, girl!) as a modern bathing suit cover-up. Comes in two gorgeous colours, navy and olive. 

Workout Clothes For Women

The Town Cali Dreaming T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a perfect white t-shirt? It goes with everything and is an absolute staple in any wardrobe. Cali Dreaming took the basic white tee to the next level and elevated it with elegant details like rolled sleeves, raw hem neckline, and super flattering slide splits on either side. trust me, you won’t be wearing this to sit at home and watch Netflix (although, it’s cozy enough to!). Pair this gorgeous summer tee with jeans, a maxi skirt, or a pair of stylish joggers to feel totally put together for your first post-pandemic outing. 

Womens Workout Clothes

We can’t wait to see how you style these incredible pieces, don’t forget to tag us in your #OOTD posts on Facebook and Instagram to receive 10% off your next order! 

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Stay-At-Home Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista in Your Life


This holiday season may look different than the countless holiday parties of Christmas past. But, that doesn’t mean the fashion icons in your life have to hang up their style in 2020. Although, many of us are stuck at home during the holidays this year, now is the best time to upgrade your stay-at-home holiday style.


Gift giving may seem overwhelming when it comes time to pick out a gift for someone with particular taste and style, but we’ve put together a list of items guaranteed to make the fashionista in your life jump for holiday joy this Christmas.


Our staff at M.A.G Unique, have put together the perfect holiday gift guide for the fashion fanatics on your shopping list, items that can be both dressed up, or dressed down for a cozy Christmas at home. Here are our staff picks: 


1. Free People Ottoman Tunic

This must-have investment sweater is worth every penny and comes in a variety of colours, which are sure to compliment every fashionista’s wardrobe. With its oversized fit, you can easily turn this one sweater into multiple outfits this season. A fashion-fan favourite, ideal for all body types.


2. Firecracker Ruffle Socks

These adorable ruffle socks are the perfect stocking stuffer for the style-savvy sister on your list. These cozy socks are warm, and trendy and have such a pretty feminine ruffle detail.


3. Whisper Fringe Blanket Scarf

Every fashionista needs a variety of scarves in their closet. Blanket scarves are so versatile, and this gorgeous plush fringe scarf in an icy blue/gray colour is the perfect winter accessory. 

4. Free People Adella Bralette

This stunning bralette is too pretty to keep under wraps. Meant to be worn under a loose, off-the-shoulder sweater for a peak-a-boo lace look, this is the perfect gift for the fashion lover who wants to enjoy a cozy holi-date at home.


5. Cozy Girl Lounge Tee

This perfectly oversized t-shirt is the coziest way to look chic and generate Good Vibes going into 2021. This slouchy tee is a staff favourite, perfect for every fashion fan on your Christmas list. 


6. Free People Around the Clock Pullover and Jogger Set

Combining ultimate comfort and luxury, this lounge set is probably the softest fabric your fashion queen will ever have on her body. The flattering, Henley-style neckline with a waffle design is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves at-home style and comfort.